Cancellation / Transfer Policy

Key Dates:

  1. Registration Date - The day you sign up for a class and pay the associated fee or are invoiced.
  2. Free Cancellation Date - 2 days (48 hours) after the Registration Date (1) up to Class Registration Close Date (3)
  3. Class Registration Close Date - 5pm, 2 days prior to the Class Start Date (4).
  4. Class Start Date - The date listed as the first classroom day of the class.
  5. Re-Enrollment Date - 7 days after Class Start Date (4),last opportunity to use re-enrollment discount.

Key Events:

  • Incomplete Classroom Work - Failing to complete all online classroom assignments prior to Class Start Date.
  • Failure to attend - Failure to show up on time to class on Class Days.
  • Failure to pass Pre-Course Swim Test - Failing any portion of the 3 part swim competency test.
  • Medical Waiver - Note from doctor indicating you can not participate in class due to medical reasons.
  • Canceled/Disputed Payment - Any returned check, or PayPal transaction that is canceled or disputed

Refund Policy:
      From Registration date (1) to Free Cancellation Date (2):  

               Full refund
               Free transfer to any other class.
      From Free Cancellation Date (2) to Class Registration Close Date (3) 
               Refund minus $10 fee
               Free transfer to another class.
      After Class Registration Close Date (3)
              No Refunds
               No Transfer
      Incomplete Classroom Work
               No Refunds
               No Transfer
      Student may Re-enroll before Re-Enrollment Date (5) in future class at discounted 

               rate: Lifeguard Class  - 50% off
                      Instructor Level Classes  - 25% off 

       Failure to Attend
               No Refunds
               No Transfer
       Medical Waiver provided before Re-Enrollment Date (5) 

               Refund minus $25 fee.

               $15 Transfer Fee
      Failure to Pass Pre-Course Swim Test
               No Refunds
               No Transfer
      Canceled/Disputed Payment 

               $50 returned payment fee in addition to original class cost

All Cancellation and Transfer fees non-refundable