Lifeguard Class Login Instructions

Lifeguard Candidate,

Thank  you for  registering with North Star.  We are excited to offer you  American Red Cross Lifeguarding Blended Learning Course. Blended  learning combines online learning with on-site skills sessions where you  will practice skills and demonstrate competency.  Please plan to  complete the online lessons of your training at least two days prior to  your on-site skills session.  You will receive an email from us the  weekend before with details on your class schedule.

If  you have any difficulty logging in, please contact the American Red  Cross Help Line. Please do not wait to create your ID and Login.  You  can take your time to complete the course work but issues logging in  require assistance from the Red Cross Support center and may take time  to resolve.

Please follow the link below to login to the online classroom.  There is approximately 7 hours of work you need to complete BEFORE class starts.
The 2017 program gives you immediate access to the classroom. 
        Click here:

                                        ** Be Sure to Bookmark this page **

* LOG IN NOW.  If you have difficulty, you may need help from the

   Support Center.  (if it does not open, copy and paste the URL into your browser). 
* If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one – click the “New User” link and

   complete the information for the account –please make note of your username and password for

   future access to the online content. 

* If you need assistance accessing the online session, please contact the American Red Cross Training

   Support Center at 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Please  note, your instructor cannot access your account or see if you have  completed your assignments, It is your responsibility to complete all  work before the first pool session and bring your completion report to  class.

Please bring the following items to the start of the class sessions:
      Online classroom Completion report.
      Liability waiver: Liability Waiver (We Will have copies pool side)
      Well-fitting swim suit (one piece or trunks)
      Goggles for pre-course swim test (if needed)
      Change of clothes, comfortable athletic wear (we will be dry for half the class)
      Lunch, or money for lunch (you will be given time to eat each day)
      2 towels

Please  be sure to familiarize yourself with the information before class.  You  can access a Free Digital copy of the Lifeguard Manual here.  Loaner  copies will be available during class.
Lifeguard Manual:

Schedule: Blended classes work on the following class schedule: 

              Saturday    8am-9am - Swim Test
                               9am-12pm - CPR Training - Classroom
                              12mp-1pm - Lunch (Pack your own or bring money)
                                1pm-5pm - Pool Skills
                                5pm-7pm - CPR Training
               Sunday  8am-10am - First Aid Training - Classroom
                               10am-1pm - Pool Skills
                                 1pm-2pm - Lunch
                                 2pm-5pm - Pool Skill Review & Pool Test
                                 5pm-7pm - Classroom - Written Tests